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About Our Firm

Helping You Navigate Every Financial Decision

Our Primary Purpose

Navigate Wealth Planning Group is an independent financial firm located in Scarborough, Maine. Founded in June of 2021, our firm is built on nearly three decades of providing qualified financial guidance to clients around the country. We specialize in in-depth, comprehensive financial planning and wealth management that takes into account all facets of your finances. This allows us to create a robust strategy objective to your needs, and continue offering the long-term support to carry out that strategy for years to come.

A Trusted Partner on Your Financial Journey

Client Centered

Working with Navigate WPG is more than a transaction—it’s a trusted partnership. We get to know our clients on a personal basis, and understand their individual needs and unique goals. Our clients know that we have their best interests at heart, and we take pride in striving to make a positive difference in every client’s life.

For many of our clients, that trust extends beyond our ability to care for their finances; they trust us to care for their loved ones too. Our clients often refer us to their parents, grandparents, and children, because they know we’ll care for their family members just as we’d care for our own.

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