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Estate Planning

Protect Your Legacy for Those You Leave Behind

When you plan for your future, you’re rarely planning for just your own—you’re planning for the futures of your spouse, your children, and many other loved ones. That’s why an essential part of any retirement plan is estate planning. At Navigate WPG, we’ll sit down with you to discuss not only your own financial needs, but the financial needs of your loved ones after you pass away. Then, we’ll work to develop a plan that financially preserves you, them, and the legacy you leave behind.

We’ll Work with Your Attorneys and Accountants

Many people already have a will in place, but this can be quite different from estate planning. Our financial planners can work alongside your estate attorneys and any accountants that may be involved with your estate. We’ll strive to make sure all aspects of your finances are taken into consideration, and when the time comes, we’ll help to work towards your wishes being carried out, and guide your heirs through any complexities in distributing your estate.

A skilled financial planner is an important partner to have in managing your final estate. Contact us today, and we’ll discuss how we can help you feel more confident with your estate plan, knowing that your loved ones will be properly taken care of.

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